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  • RE: Im gonna start my own first made trend

    @Wubbrle-the-Wubble I can’t even do one but thanks for the workout

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  • RE: Im gonna start my own first made trend

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  • RE: Discovery #1 - PHANTARIS (long, posted just cuz)

    Ominous yes

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  • RE: my boyfriends mom all day

    istg boymoms baby their sons 💀

    with MY experience at least

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  • RE: Discovery #1 - PHANTARIS (long, posted just cuz)

    Ominous lmfao no 😔 that particular breath makes the target bleed out of… everywhere

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  • my boyfriends mom all day

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  • Discovery #1 - PHANTARIS (long, posted just cuz)

    9650db3d-d26e-478d-8ae2-8139f483e22f-image.png 9e812ab7-672a-433e-83f7-45dee47db3c9-image.png

    Phantaris are carnivores with voracious appetites. These high altitude flyers tear through the night clouds, plucking their prey from the sky.
    The Phantaris is a creature that has no real form of its own and instead prefers to imitate those it deems the greatest.


    The Phantaris is a wyvern-like creature with a resemblance to the Hellion Warden (Nukzeh). Unlike Hellion Warden however, the Phantaris has large, wispy/inky looking wings, with hands that are part of the wing. The wings also contain multiple floating bits that hover around the wings. The Phantaris’ mouth is large, with a few sharp teeth. The white, bony parts of its face extend outwards and curve into twisted horns, like its Warden counterpart. The Phantaris has a crest-like structure on its snout, with a small horn attached. Multiple floating spikes are placed above its cranium, and it has 4 empty eyes. The neck of the Phantaris is strong and beefy, leading to its torso, which features a large armour plate with a few floating bits above, and 2 large tufts of feathers on its chest. Its legs are strong and sturdy, paired with 3-toed feet, and patterns similar to the Hellion Warden. At the base of its tail is a cape, with an inky appearance. Its tail is long, with small, blunt spikes at certain points, which somewhat resemble the segmented tail of the Hellion Warden. At the very end of the tail is a mouth, with multiple sharp teeth, and a split jaw

    Known abilities

    • Bleed Attack is a passive ability, where a creature offensively inflicts a specific amount of melee bleed status on a creature with every bite (not with breath/ranged abilities or reflecting abilities). A negative value means that it heals an amount of such status upon biting.
    • Block Poison/Poison Block is a passive ability that grants resistance to poison status once they reach max age (100). Like many other block defenses, it works by blocking a percentage of the ailment received. If a creature’s Poison Block is 100%, then they are immune to those stats (and will be healed instantly if they are somehow applied) once they reach age 100.
    • Breath Damage Resistance is a passive ability which decreases the percentage of damage received by the user from breath abilities, a 100% breath resistance means full immunity from the damage dealt from elemental breaths, but not for the status effects they afflict, which remain unaffected.
    • Flight is an active ability pertaining to the special control Jump/Dart/Glide/Flight and inherent to all Fliers and legacy mobility type All-Terrain creatures have this ability. However, due to the fact all-terrain got absorbed into Flier, this means that with purely recode terminology, only fliers have the ability. Creatures with flight ability as dominant cannot jump per se, they instead enter flight or glide mode - however some creatures may also present the jump ability replacing the flight one as the dominant at some point in their live stage. Flying and takeoff both take stamina. If there’s not enough stamina, the creature cannot fly. A creature with flight can switch between flight and glide and vice-versa without that switch costing stamina.
    • Glide is an active ability pertaining to the special control Jump/Dart/Glide/Flight and inherent to all gliders and glider semi-aquatics have this ability as primary. However, due to the fact glider semi-aquatics got absorbed into Semi-Aquatics, the correct recode terminology would be to say that all Gliders and a few Semi-Aquatics and Aquatics have this ability as primary. Flier (and all-terrain) creatures have this ability as well, but the Jump/Dart/Glide/Flight button is not their primary, but the toggle glide button. Creatures with glide ability cannot jump per se, they instead enter flight or glide mode, unless jump supersedes them via some jump age value. If there’s not enough stamina, the creature can hardly glide. Depending on some creature factors like tier and glide stamina regeneration, as well as some environmental conditions, a creature can or cannot regain stamina while gliding.
    • Iron Stomach is a passive ability which allows the user to eat rotten meat without getting negative ailments from it - preventing getting the Sickly Status.
    • Night Stalker is a passive ability that contains two effects towards the user and others. The user is granted a stat boost on night vision by having it on 4/3 (Great) while also giving their night vision a slightly increased contrast effect. Any creatures that are within 350 studs of a night stalker have their night vision diminished to 1 regardless of their previous night vision stat. Night stalkers are immune to the night vision debuff.
    • The Shock Area ability lasts for less than a second when used with a 90 second cooldown. It inflicts Shock Status and a very short stack of Broken Legs Status and slows down flight speed by 60% for 30 seconds. Has a 90 second cooldown.
    • Unbridled Rage is an active ability which upon instantly consuming half of the creature’s stamina grants the Unbridled Rage Status for 10 seconds. Has a 120 second cooldown
    • Virus Breath is an active ability using the breath control (C on PC or BreathIcon on Mobile) that is a type of Elemental Breath that inflicts 1 DPS (0.5% PER HIT). It has a Capacity of 20, a Regen Rate of 3, a Range of 200 studs, and it can inflict the Bleed Status ailment (Probability = 60%, STACKS set to 0.5).
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  • okay buddy, show us the trades??


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  • RE: the best picture on my wall

    Ominous woag
    amgry tig

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  • RE: Name a user you wish would come back to the community

    @Karol Some of the “armas” were tolerable
    All of them in fact, minus parma

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